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Goal-Based Financial Planning

Goal-Based Financial Planning

Manage and protect the financial resources you built over a lifetime. Our goal is to provide a sophisticated, yet understandable, Financial Plan that engages and motivates our clients to make better choices, take action, and stick with expert advice through challenging times.

Our Envision™ Financial Planning Process

Clients tell us that it is not simply the collaboration that has kept them on-track – it is because of our unique client engagement process that drives action. Simply put, we make financial plans more meaningful for the client which translates into deeper relationships. Our process will:

  • Identify and prioritize your short-term and long-term financial goals.
  • Gather and organize data and documents through questionnaires, interviews and worksheets.
  • Analyze your financial situation to identify challenges and opportunities.
  • Develop a saving and investing strategy to fund your objectives.
  • Provide a written plan with recommendations and action steps.
  • Assist with implementation of plan tasks and recommendations where needed.

We Drive Action

Indecision and inertia can keep clients from implementing their Financial Plan. We provide meaningful motivators that encourage our clients to take action. With our Envision™ Executive Summary, our clients have a list of action items, complete with due dates and follow-up tasks. They are reminded of these action items each time they review their financial goal plan.

We Engage Clients

It’s simple: clients who are engaged are invested. Our engagement process focuses on our clients interests, priorities, needs, dreams, and passions – not products. We are dedicated to help them see the impact of their actions, confront their concerns and take ownership of their financial future. Planning is an integral part of our practice – It’s what we do. We’re confident you’ll agree that our process is powerful, motivating, and made easy. Let Bradley Wealth guide your planning to a new level!


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