Looking For An Alternative To Traditional Investments?

Alternative Investing

Alternative Investments

Once an exclusive domain of the ultra-wealthy, alternative investments are beginning to have a broader appeal. Alternative Investments offer exposure to investment opportunities not generally available throughout the traditional fixed income and equity markets.

At Bradley Wealth, our core mission is to find the best alternative investments for our clients. Through our various strategic partnerships, we offer what we believe are straight-forward and efficient solutions for our clients seeking to enhance portfolio diversification with historically low correlated investments. We work with research and investment groups focused solely on alternative investments.  These are industry professionals that follow a disciplined process for identifying, evaluating, selecting, and monitoring investment talent across the spectrum of private funds, managed futures funds, mutual funds, and other alternative investments.   Bradley Wealth guides clients through the complex universe of alternative investing.  Alternatives are in our DNA and our process constantly seeks to minimize investor risk while maximizing potential returns.

What Are Alternative Investments?

Simply put, Alternatives are investments that don’t fall into the categories of traditional investment (or assets)—namely stocks, bonds, cash or mutual funds that invest in these securities. Alternative refers to investments that:

  • Have the ability to invest long and short simultaneously
  • Have the ability to invest across various asset classes (stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities)
  • Are not restricted to one investment style
  • Have the potential to achieve positive returns in up or down markets


We’re The Intelligent Alternative

There are thousands of alternative investments – and they’re not all created equal. How do you choose? Let Bradley Wealth help. We search the universe of options to find what we believe are the highest quality managers, and provide access through carefully crafted funds. When you are considering alternatives, we can help you make intelligent decisions.

Only certain clients will qualify for alternative investment options.


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