All In All

All-In The Old Game Is Over

Understand the Maker is large and in charge. God is sovereign. He chooses you. He is our source and sets our course. Before the world was established God intelligently designed and set-up the human life game. As a winner the old life is over. Jesus finished it. The new life is told in the prophecy of His-story. It is the “Good News” of the gospels.

Jesus is all in all. We are itinerant laborers in the ripe fields harvesting the lost to an “all-in” relationship with Jesus Christ for eternity anytime, anywhere, at any cost.

Our All-IN Vision

The vision for this ministry is the establishment of ALL-IN Ministries, Inc. as a help and support for those captive to the shackles of a perverse world by biblical principles.

Our All-IN values

  • We value our ALL-IN personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • We value ALL-IN the Bible as our sole authority for living.
  • We value ALL-IN relationships with brothers and sisters.
  • We value deeply those who have yet to receive an ALL-IN relationship with Jesus.
  • We value being ALL-IN the world but not OF the world.
  • We value our government and its laws and so we obey them with ALL-IN enthusiasm.
  • We value our ALL-IN life and being ALL-IN with family and so we live in freedom ALL-IN Christ Jesus.
  • Realizing that the cause of Christ extends beyond local fellowship, we commit ourselves to an ongoing ALL-IN ministry of the call of Christ to make disciples.
  • We believe that we are ALL called to be salt and light IN the world.

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