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It is a spiritual inner game opener but you must finish. There are no half measures. The outcome is a soul changer resolving one’s spiritual fate.  “All-in” is an all or nothing gambit casting one’s cares and future with God. His gambit sacrificed His Son. Jesus went all-in dying for everyone’s sins.  Your move confessing sins, repenting, all-in surrender, trusting Jesus is the Way. Pray ask Him into your heart and soul to become Lord and Savior.  Believe it and Him and you win!

In the world the ranking hand determines who wins in every particular game. A winning hand can be played in life as well as poker. This basic knowledge is very important to life risk takers, gamers, gamblers and game players. They must know the rules of the game and the odds in order to be able to know what factors, strategies, hedges and adjustments are to be engaged. If there is indeed a lady luck or a god among different poker hands dealt at the game table it would be the “royal flush.” This almighty combination of cards can defeat all other possible combinations that can be formed from the deck in the game.

A “royal flush” is made up of the cards 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace all having the same suit such as Hearts. It is called a “royal flush” because it includes face cards the Jack, Queen and King. These three figures represent stature, standing and power in the monarchy of the game. A “royal flush” is the highest possible combination in the world of poker. It is the poker hand all players in the world desire to be dealt in the game of chance. Playing with a royal flush in hand is the ultimate winning experience. It cannot get any better.

The highest valued card in a royal flush is always an Ace. So all-in-all, there can be only four hands of “royal flushes” in a full deck of fifty-two cards. There can be a “royal flush” made from any of the four same suits in a deck.  No other hands can trump or beat the power represented in the “royal flush”. This hand assures an absolute victory for players who hold it. If you are a compulsive gambler in the game life or poker, you may be on a losing streak. Life may seem like you are never dealt a fair or winning hand of high cards. You may be irritable, restless, discontent and desperate. You may be trapped in an addiction of gambling, alcohol, drugs, habits, hang-ups or hurts.  If you find yourself the victim of crisis situation or a life challenge you are not at this website by mistake. Nor have you read this far by mistake.

Reflect on a metaphor that God Almighty has figuratively dealt you a “Royal Flush”. You can play the spiritual hand dealt by Jesus the “King of Hearts”. What do you have to lose? Bet Your Life willingly go ALL-IN spiritually with God and His plan of Salvation for your eternal soul. It will be the best bet in the game of life you will ever make.  Read on if you have the courage to be a risk taker.

Following is a spiritual interpretation of the “Royal Flush” for you to consider. Now is the time to be ALL-IN and Bet Your Life this winning hand cannot be trumped in the game of life.

You are holding a winning hand. It is a gift of God dealt by the “King of Hearts.” You must be “ALL-IN” to play the game. You must play by His rule book the Bible. Your “ALL-IN” bet is your life. You choose Heaven or Hell. Here is the way to play the hand.

God’s “Royal Flush”

  • The Ten of Hearts represents the Ten Commandments handed down to Moses on a tablet of stone pointing the way to a personal relationship with Him and to Jesus.
  • The Jack of Hearts or the Jester is Satan the Devil, the master accuser, tempter, jokester, and imposter disguised as the deceiver. He tempted Jesus, he tempts you and plays the game to win your soul.
  • The Queen of Hearts represents Mary the virgin mother of Christ. reminding us that Jesus was born in human form sinless God as man.
  • The Ten of Hearts represents the Ten Commandments handed down to Moses on a tablet of stone pointing the way to a personal relationship with Him and to Jesus.
  • The King of Hearts is Jesus the King of Heaven, Lord and Savior who died on the cross that our sin past present and future would lose it power over men and women who by faith believe in Him accept His free gift of Grace. His Kingdom come.

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