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Born An All-In Gamer

Like it or not we are designated players in the game of life. It is about who we are and why we are here. The game is for our spirit and soul’s destination.  We are born to play the game.

7 December 2015 0 Comments

All-In It Is Game Time

If you are still walking the planet every day is game day. Today it is game on. Yesterday is over. We live in the now is a new day. There are many choices to be made right and wrong. Let’s pray for the right ones we’re in whether we are ready or not. The end is always near. Heaven or hell is a heartbeat away. It is life. Will we survive? The bet is to win. It is sobering to understand win or lose the result is everlasting. The choice is a matter of where forever is spent with God or separated from God. You choose.

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