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18 November 2015 0 Comments

ALL-IN Day Dreaming

By All-In


Why I dream is still mystifying and a one of my greatest unanswered questions. There are many theories about night dreams some have to do with memories and emotions. Most nights we dream they are not logical or rational. There are many opinions, perspectives and viewpoints.

Personally, I am interested in day dreaming. Were in the world do the plans and schemes I dream up come from? In broad daylight I can script, direct and produce a fallible or way-out scheme. It may happen or not happen in a short period of time or it doesn’t come to fruition ever or does but takes decades. It may be inspiration, planning or goal setting ending up either as logical or impulsive.

Those dreams used to be liberally lubricated with booze. I used to believe many great minds were obsessed with their dreams. Dreams lubricated with alcohol. Egotistically I placed myself in their company. I was a know it all. They as I experienced seemed to be more creative when drinking. It took the edge off the game. I seemed to be more focused. Dreams lead to risks and to win. A risk requires focus and an all-in wager.

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