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18 November 2015 0 Comments

All-IN Crisis

By All-In


Crisis in my life seems to come out of left field most are unexpected and some are anticipated. It may be unexpected but I this I know for sure. It will involve a workout and work through. It may be difficult, usually involves others, will result in positive or negative outcomes. Like loss of sleep, my mind racing, anxiety, aberrant behavior, thoughts of running, ignoring, procrastinating or just staying in bed putting the pillow over my head and trying to sleep it off.

But being a problem solver and trying to fix it. I have found through decades of living. Most crises are like the seasons and weather wind, rain, snow, ice all change. Strong winds turn into gentle breezes or calm. Hard rain turns into gentle springtime showers and cease. The Long deep dark winter dissipate. Storms that brought cold, snow and ice retreat and give way retreating to emerging green and flowers. Bluebird skies appear someday soon although not until life is over.

Just deal with it. The older I get the better I become at weathering the crisis. The answer is not in self-help books. I have read many. The answer to life crisis is a personal all-in relationship with a supreme creator. The maker of all -in my experience.

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