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18 November 2015 0 Comments

ALL-IN A Flash in the Plan

By All-In


A creative some have said obsessive individual. Once upon a time I used to refer metaphorically to brilliant ideas by the old idiom as “a flash in the pan.” I have experienced sudden but brief successes that for reasons unknown. I am not able to repeat or are not repeatable. Muskets used to have small pans to hold the gunpowder charge. The attempt to fire the musket resulted in a misfire causing the gunpowder to flare but without firing a bullet. Consequently the target was missed amidst the flash and the smoke. It was called a “flash in the pan.” It was used in the 17th Century we are in the game of the 21st Century.

I prefer to use it in today’s vernacular a “flash in the plan.” A risk taken planned for but results in a disappointing outcome. It is a dream that fails to deliver anything of value, despite a showy beginning. I must admit coming from a career in marketing and sales as a recovering alcoholic. I have been known in the drinking days for showmanship. I was known for several marketing programs that were flashes in the plan. They were good while they lasted. They required risk, The plans were rewarding while they last but short lived.

Looking back from a promotional and retrospective perspective and confronting myself. Engaged in the game plan there was a lot of puffery, bluffer, bravado, pride, arrogance and ego involved. All-in the “flash in the plan” caused a moral drift.

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